Wedding Pricing

Every wedding is unique and that means so is your pricing

I offer custom built packages for every couple that best fit their needs and wants. Everything I do is 100% by hand and has a lot of love and time put into it. I have trained for over 5 years to find my style and perfect it and that is reflected in my pricing. However, I do pride myself on offering fair pricing that accomodates different budgets.

Below you will find starting prices for my pieces but please note I will work on just about any surface! I absolutely love a challenge so don’t hesitate to reach out with any wild ideas you have.

Pricing depends on size, detail, colours, wording, etc. If you are unsure about pricing, please contact me so I can better assist you. All prices are in CAD.

Custom acrylic pieces

18×24″ Welcome signs: Starting¬†at $100
24×30″ Welcome signs: Starting at $130
5×7″ Signs: Starting at $10
8×10″ Signs: Starting at $30
Seating Charts: Starting at $120

Custom sized acrylic available!

Other surfaces

Terra Cotta
Jean and Leather Jackets (Starting at $50)